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Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt

Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt


Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt supplies some startling statistics: 3,000 years of dynastic rule by at least 300 heroic kings who recognised at least 1,500 deities. This immense time span saw the development of complex and frequently contradictory mythology peopled by a vast and ever-increasing pantheon whose members changed name, appearance and character with startling regularity, frequently splitting into different components or fusing to form a deity more powerful than the sum of his or her parts. Their stories, the science and history of their age, entertain while providing explanations for the mysteries of creation, existence and death that challenge every community. In so doing they provide a glimpse into the thoughts and fears of the ancient mind.

This short course uses a combination of dynastic and Classical art, archaeology, literature and mythology to explore the nature of some of Egypt's better-known gods and goddesses.



Week 1 - Atum and the Creation of the World

Week 2 - The Sun God Re

Week 3 - Hathor, the Golden One

Week 4 - Osiris: King of the Dead

Week 5 - Horus and Seth

Week 6 – Isis

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