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School of Health Sciences

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Forensic Academy

The Risk of Sexual Violence Protocol (RSVP)

The Risk of Sexual Violence Protocol (RSVP)

Numerous instruments now exist to support the efforts of practitioners to predict the likelihood of sexual violence recidivism. Fewer instruments are available to support efforts to formulate and manage risk, and ultimately prevent sexual violence. This workshop will prepare participants to administer a structured professional judgement (SPJ) instruments designed for use with individuals who are at risk of being sexually harmful to others.

The Risk of Sexual Violence Protocol (RSVP) is a more recent and comprehensive tool designed to assist practitioners in case management. It does not employ actuarial or statistical methods to support decision-making about risk, but instead offers guidelines for collecting relevant information and making structured decisions. This workshop will review the content and the administration of the RSVP, and provide an overview of the range of risk management strategies for sexually harmful behaviour.

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The Risk of Sexual Violence Protocol (RSVP) January 2018
22/01/201823/01/2018[Read More]

The Structured Assessment of Protective Factors (SAPROF)

Participants will be trained in using the SAPROF tool. Advantages of protective factors for risk assessment and risk management will be discussed, and research evidence for the SAPROF will be considered. New findings from the largest research study to use the SAPROF will be presented.

Training is provided by the Forensic Academy. For any queries please ring 0161 306 2422 or email Forensic.academy@manchester.ac.uk

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SAPROF Training - November 2017
17/11/201717/11/2017£249.00[Read More]

Mental Health

Mental Health Assessor / BIA DoLS  Refresher Training

Mental Health Assessor / BIA DoLS Refresher Training

DoLS / BIA Reaccreditation. Essential annual legal update training.

Each training course will take place from 9:30am to 3:30pm. Lunch and refreshments will be provided and delegates will be issued with an attendance certificate in the post shortly afterwards.

If you have any queries please contact Vicky Sargeant on +44 (0)161 275 5221 or amh@manchester.ac.uk

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Mental Health Assessor / BIA DoLS 14th September 2017
14/09/201714/09/2017£100.00[Read More]
Mental Health Assessor / BIA DoLS 11th October 2017
11/10/201711/10/2017£100.00[Read More]
Mental Health Assessor / BIA DoLS 29th November 2017
29/11/201729/11/2017£100.00[Read More]
Mental Health Assessor / BIA DoLS 13th December 2017
13/12/201713/12/2017£100.00[Read More]
MHA / BIA DoLS Refresher Training - 24th April 2017
24/04/201724/04/2017£100.00[Read More]