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Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt


Course Information


Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt

These six week, non-credit bearing courses in Egyptology provide an opportunity for the academic study of specific aspects of ancient Egypt at one of the leading Universities in the UK.

This course aims to use a combination of dynastic and Classical art, archaeology, literature and mythology to explore the nature of some of Egypt’s better known gods and goddesses.

Course Content

One Learning Module will be released each week, for six weeks, as follows:

Week 1: Atum and the creation of the world

Week 2: The sun god Re

Week 3: Hathor, the Golden One

Week 4: Osiris, King of the Dead

Week 5: Horus and Seth

Week 6: Isis

For further information please visit the Egyptology website or email fls-shortcourses@manchester.ac.uk

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Course Dates

15th May 2018 – 26th June 2018

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