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Amount (£)


Current fee is £2250 per module. Please select the number of modules you wish to pay.

• Postgraduate Certificate – 4 completed modules within 2 years (Must complete module 1 plus any 3 units apart from module 8)

• Postgraduate Diploma – 8 completed modules within 4 years (Must complete module 1 plus any 7 units).

• MSc – 8 completed modules within 4 years (Must complete module 1 plus 7 units) plus submitted Dissertation.

*Please note that you must choose either module 6 or 9 as both cannot be taken

• CPD/Just Buying - If you do not want to proceed to a formal qualification, you can choose to buy any of the modules just for your own CPD. You will work through the modules and assessments like any other student, but will use the results and feedback simply to guide your development. You will not normally get a certificate, diploma or MSc if you choose this route. However if you successfully complete 4 modules, you can apply to transfer onto a formal award such as the Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma or MSc. You would need to have passed all of your modules in order to do this.

Please note that modules are specifically timetabled, therefore please contact the Programme Administrator Jenny O’Mara for further information - 0161 306 8779 or pmpdp-enquiries@manchester.ac.uk


Detailed Description

Module choices (*Core Modules)

Module 1 – MACE60071 Foundation*

Module 2 –MACE60072  Strategy*

Module 3 – MACE60073 Planning & Resource Management*

Module 4 – MACE60074 Project Cost Management*

Module 5 – MACE60075 Commercial & Procurement*

Module 6 – MACE60076 Systems Engineering & Project Management (optional)

Module 7 – MACE60077 People, Organisation & Culture*

Module 8 – MACE60078 Managing Research Projects*

Module 9 – MACE60110 Project Quality Management (optional)

Module 10 – Dissertation Part 1

Module 11 – Dissertation Part 2


If you have any questions please contact Jenny O’Mara on 0161 306 8779 or email pmpdp-enquiries@manchester.ac.uk